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Time and attendance

AS-PZW / Personalzeitwirtschaft

The PZW software has been developed for small-and medium size businesses. It is an industry independent software module which stores safely the complete employee time and attendance data and the stored data can be forwarded to the payroll and other systems.
Its current data set coupled with diverse valuation options provides an efficient and high standard personal information management. The PZW software allows you to take control of all your calendar-based functions with a click


The main features of the software:

Its flexible parameter options allow you to track and model employee attendance, and create accurate records of paid time, including regular hours, overtime, vacation, personal and sick time for your employees. The software is able to handle all phases of the employee-attendance process.

The hierarchically structured master data can be managed in blocks by divisions, cost centres or individually defined groups.

The software has a clear time management planner, attendance and absence time-sheets.
Lists of data compiled from the time management planner can easily be transferred to MS-Excel and Pdf format.

Authority settings by master data or any transactions provide top security.

It is ideal for multi-lingual companies since the software is available in several European languages.

Our software products can easily be integrated to any payroll programs or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. They also have a standardized SAP interface.

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