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Industrial Data Collection

AS-BDE / Betriebsdatenerfassung

Our operating data logging is a modern, efficient controlling system, with flexible parameter options. As a result orders and all related transaction processes including their dates, progress and costs, become transparent.

The most important characteristics of our BDE-system:

  • Keeps record of cost centres, work-stations and machine output.
  • Data is comparable with the AS-PZW time and attendance data.
  • It can be integrated into any ERP-systems.

Basic functions:

  • Ordering feedbacks at order, sub-order, process and operation level
  • Spoilage and malfunction report and cause follow up
  • The follow up of orders handled by many workers or machines
  • The follow up of intermittent work operations by workers or machines
  • Plans/fact comparison by the piece
  • Capacity, worker etc. assessment integrated to MS-Excel


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