GM SOFTWARE SYSTEME Professzionális vállalati időgazdálkodás













State of the art electronic terminals transmit time data between employees and the software.

  • Our hardware is connected through TCP/IP to networks as a result distant sites, branch-offices can be easily reached or can be used as mobile units.
  • Apart from recording data our hardware also functions as workstations, where employees can enter, check and read their time data.
  • In case of power outage all terminals store all data-blockings until the software is re-activated. There are several options for workers? identification: proximity, magnetic stripe, barcode, infra and chip card or with key rings. The new generation of personal identification technologies: biometric identification with iris, voice or face recognition, fingerprint-based identification etc.

Our software receives data of any medium through open interface.


The all4time and the GM Soft have been sustaining close relationship for 20 years with the market-leader kaba group!